Rapper Soulja Boy Shows Further Interest in Cryptocurrencies

Mar 1, 2021 Crypto

Chicago-born rapper, composer, record producer and actor on Twitter asked the crypto community the best way to buy digital assets in the United States. Being a prominent name, his question quickly came to the attention of the most famous people and companies in the industry with more than five million followers.

The rappers quickly got lure by promoting their ‘best class’ products, named after them such as Changpeng Zhao(Benance CEO) and Tyler Winklevoss (Gemini’s co-founder), together with the accounts of OKCoin, Blockchain.com, and eToro.

While the musician promised to explore every platform, he took another direction – What does it mean for me to create my own cryptography? There followed further recommendations including Jordan Spence, CEO of MyCrypto, who pointed out that Soulja Boy was to consider building its unique and fungible token (NFT). However, the rapper ultimately admitted that he might have “so many questions” from his comfort zone. One of these was, “can some bad come from creating crypto?

The Twitter dialogue with the representatives of the cryptography was not the first industrial initiative of the rapper. Maybe it’s best known in the community for its 2018 single called Bitcoin, the primary cryptocurrency.

Soulja Boy explained vividly how he had a computer that made him “so fresh” as he pulled “new strangers,” and how he had a BTC purchased it. He also advised a woman without a name to leave her boring boyfriend because she stacked up the bitcoins that I received money to shed.”

It should be pointed out that Soulja Boy was not a Bitcoiner. He claimed that by adding ‘Litecoins, Bitcoins, my favourite,’ he had diversified his portfolio. In addition, the rapper might have anticipated events in the future. He said users could send BTC via PayPal, which was not possible at that time. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies were supported by the giant payment processor in late 2020.

DeAndre Cortez Way, better known as the Soulja Boy Tell’ Em stage name (or only Soulja Boy), started a Twitter talk, suggesting that he could explore the development of his own Digital Asset. Fairly speaking, the rapper in 2018 created a song about “stacks” and “100 racks” at BTC. In fact, he was devoted to Bitcoin. If you are also a fan of the boy then this one is a must listen to for you. Now the future of bitcoin is bright but the speculations for the same are also endless.