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The Bitcoin Network Welcomes Taproot Soft Fork Upgrade

It has been known that the network of bitcoin successfully activated the Taproot soft fork, which is followed by the 90 percent census from the pools of the miners and other mining communities, which is known to be in between the blocks of around 709,488 to 709,632. This is known to be a big upgrade for bitcoin from the last august of the year 2017.

That day witnessed the launch of the two-layer solution, which is known as the segregated network and the lightning network. SO basically, you must be thinking about what this upgrade could bring for us. So, to be very precise, the taproot upgrade aims at more capabilities in the field of scripting and improves the privacy policies of the network of bitcoin.

Getting the reference from the outlookindia, which stated that the bitcoin might again witness a very crucial upgrade. They added that the updates are always required to keep up with the present status. Updating the software to keep it up to date is the sole purpose of this bitcoin upgrade also. They said that it is very important as it ensures the longevity of the extensive network which bitcoin has.

They added that this is known to be the greatest win. The developer of the bitcoin also said that the update might allow them to explore any off-chain capacities, which would not put up any extra burden over the networks or the known nodes of the bitcoin network. They think that MAST can also improve the privacy of the older versions of the lightning network. It also handles speedy trials, and any further improvement could be made through an upgrade from any kind of soft development method. They added that taproot has a vast number of possibilities ahead for us.

Bitcoin Transaction Fees Briefly Doubled Yet Remain Exceptionally Low

The expenses of sending BTC from one address to another has been meagre since July 2021. However, there was a hike in the fees last week wherein the average transaction fees per day since the past 7 days to $691,000, which doubled since last Tuesday.

Nonetheless, this hike was relatively insignificant as miners churned through the mempool transactions readily over the two day period, which made the entire transaction fee still affordable.

According to, the author of The 7th Property, the cause of such low transactional costs is due to the Segwit adoption, hash rate redistribution, and Bitcoin layer 2 infrastructure.

Since June 2021, Segwit witnessed one of the highest transactions on-chain, which steadily rose to 80%. 

According to Yakes, the network difficulty has reduced and rose to ATHs, including the china ban and redistribution of the hash rate along with the Segwit transactions.

However, Yakes enhances the fact that the transaction fees may not remain persistent like this for long. All of it depends on the price, hash rate and difficulty, making the market less competitive and increasing transaction costs.

According to Tomer Starlight, the editor in chief at Swan Bitcoin also mentioned that they are consistently sending about 100 or more withdrawals for every single transaction

of sending out each withdrawal as a single one.

The Lightning Network’s ability to open the channels that were unrecognized by the blockchain was another prominent contributing factor to the low costs. This makes the process even faster and less congested than before, making transaction costs more affordable!

According to Yakes, the transaction fee would increase in the short term, but there are multiple trends out there that counter high transaction fees. Thus, he thinks the rates would be low for a more extended period of time, making it some of the best times to purchase and transfer currencies across accounts.

Crypto Trades In Thailand Now Reportedly Subject To 15% Capital Gains Tax

The government of Thailand is readily regulating the taxes levied on the local cryptocurrency ecosystem by enacting new tax rules for the investors. According to the report by the Bangkok Post news agency on Thursday, the profit gained from crypto trading is now subject to a 15% capital gains tax for the investors.

The Thailand Revenue Department is also working on monitoring the revenues of this digital asset market within its citizens. It has the authority to collect such taxes from the citizens as such income is considered as accessible income under Section 40 of the Royal Decree amending Revenue Code 19.

The finance ministry has also declared that investors should calculate and report their income from the cryptocurrencies in their tax declarations starting 2022 to avoid any legal penalties. This tax is inclusive of every profit gained, including trading and mining operations.

On the other hand, cryptocurrency exchanges are exempted from these new tax regulations. According to Akalarp Yimwilai, co-founder and CEO of Zipmex Thailand, there is a floating confusion and concern about calculating the crypto profits and the crypto tax reporting process in Thailand after these new regulations. The tax methods and the calculations hold to be more concise, clear and simplified for the individuals. As per him, many people want to pay taxes but aren’t able to configure out the process and the calculations involved.

New reports will be launched to define the “red lines” with the crypto in 2022. As per the Bank of Thailand governor Sethaput Suthiwartnarueput’s announcement in mid-December, the central bank was already planning to release a new guide for the crypto investors early this year. According to the latest updates, the financial authorities of Thailand were already considering collecting a 15% tax from crypto investors since March 2018.

Doge Co-founder Sets Sights On Ethereum Bridge And NFTs For Mass Adoption

The promoters of Dogecoin are trying their best to improve trading volumes in the market. To promote mass adoption of the coins, the company is working on NFT, which are called non-fungible tokens, to boost the volumes. Along with that, they are also working on an Ethereum to Dogecoin bridge so that many users will be able to use the meme coin.

Billy Markus goes aggressive on DOGE

The co-founder of DOGE, Billy Markus, said that the company is working on the Dogecoin-Ethereum bridge, and this will enable the asset to be integrated with other NFT platforms. In this manner, Ethereum based platforms like OpenSea will allow non-fungible purchases with Dogecoins. According to the promoters of DOGE, there is great demand for buying NFTs in the crypto industry and using DOGE for NFTs will improve its volumes in the long run.

What does it mean for the users?

After the Ethereum to Dogecoin bridge is finalized, users will be able to transact in NFTs and other decentralized finance on the Ethereum blockchain and pay using DOGE. In this way, DOGE users will have additional utility with this bridge. As there are good volumes in the Ethereum platforms, DOGE will get good visibility, and this can improve trading volumes by a substantial margin.

According to market analysts, DogeLabs is working on the bridge, and it is likely to be completed shortly. This is a good advantage for Dogecoin users as they will be able to use the coins in a platform that has decent liquidity. Apart from that, the value of DOGE is also likely to get a boost with this move from the promoters. The crypto asset has already given good returns for investors in the last few months, and they can expect better performance in the near future.

Australian Regulator Issues Warning About Unlicensed Crypto Businesses

Crypto is extremely famous these days. Every other person we see in a crowd has started investing in crypto.  Now that crypto has slowly started to take over the usual finance systems or the mainstream finances, the authorities have started taking precautions. These precautions are being taken to avoid any issues caused by unregistered crypto companies and warning the common people about these breaches.

When we say authorities it can either be the government or a large body monitoring the monetary challenges of the country. One example of this is the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) which has recently been added to the list of authorities. This happened when the ASIC started issuing warnings and cautions to Australian traders to beware of unregistered or unlicensed companies who claim to deal with various kinds of cryptocurrencies.

The ASIC and Signalscv had once released a statement, in which the regulator had made a suggestion for the Australian residents to make any cryptocurrency-related investments secondary to the usual monetary system so that a balance can be maintained and an Australian Financial Services license or a mechanism for anti-money laundering can be established.

The Australian authority ASIC stated that it had received stories from all over Australia about the residents and traders going through hard times because they are experiencing major loss after buying and selling crypto merchandise and currencies which have leverage on the future, choices and binary choices too.

This announcement highlighted the fact that crypto platforms that are unlicensed and unregistered have also invested in many other options which are equal to express warnings that help in assisting the citizens. The ASIC organized and supported this change by stating that ” Licensed entities are subject to the framework that aims to maintain the integrity, quality and reputation of the Australian finance system.”

 An agency in Australia that deals and advocates with crypto-related trades, Blockchain Australia is based on crypto’s “wild west” story which is currently ruling the crypto innovation in Australia. On July 26 last year, the Australian authority urged the Senate Select Committee to launch a regulatory framework for crypto businesses and supply a secure harbour for such businesses till a law is established.

Just a day in the past, Spain’s National Securities Market Commission issued an identical warning towards 12 unregistered crypto businesses working inside its jurisdiction. The listing included crypto exchanges By bit and Huobi, which aren’t approved to supply funding companies within the nation.

Crypto Needs A Decentralized Daily Reference Rate

This statement is a direct link to the statement recently made by Peter Drucker, who is recognized as the father of strategic planning is, “Unless you didn’t understand that, you can’t even maintain it “Although the statement is fictitious, it is now a corporate sect since it stresses the significance of credible criteria in meaningful management decisions that may prove helpful to the managers in mitigating various situations. One of the really significant factors is still lacking in the bitcoin room: a formal everyday currency rate of comparison.

Every currency is significant for accounting professionals, even though these cryptocurrencies vary beyond certain instances, to define the monetary worth of one or more currency pairs on a stated period. The benchmarks for businesses, investment firms, accountants, and policymakers are a popular reference point.

The “Wild West” cryptograph is finished and implies that the property prices could no longer fully be interpreted. People need to have a formal reserve requirement, but without that bookkeeper cannot adequately analyze the income statement cryptograph. It thus paves the way to scam and eases down the speed of cryptography in organizational publications as a valuable asset.

Thus, according to PricewaterhouseCoopers’ (PwC) “2018 Worldwide Cryptocurrency Study” Quality assurance issues have been among the 6 main obstacles to database implementation. The dominant competitors in decentralized banking would stand to gain from a benchmark index. It is a common, typical method for auditors to assess symmetric encryption and safeguard them strongly from scams.

This gives stakeholders a real reference between apples when assessing business opportunities. It would provide accountants with a means to confirm separately that one organization offers its resources correctly and does not evade taxes. The new process is a disaster from an economical perspective.

A couple of games have become officers inside the planning application. There have been no guidelines and messages about where but also at which time the data happened to come from. This contributes to a high expansion of importance among distinct private sources of currency fluctuations. It is normal why we should find decentralized alternatives for all of us who are committed to creating decentralized finance procedures.

While the de facto illegitimate norm is becoming the decentralized pricing helps feed for Chain-link, it’s indeed highly important to drive innovation and also to establish reputational interest rates for certain digital currency. It is a widely regular market price, at which the cost of every crypto asset and foreign exchange contract can be counted only at the time of exit by stockholders, companies, and accountants.


The present prevailing opinion is that you “retain” your bitcoin as a fence from rising prices on the income statement. We have to take on the challenges, however. In one favored bitcoin, brick-and-mortar companies begin to try new things with invoicing of commodities, agreements with encryption beliefs, providers, and staff payment. Let’s use it and through the bitcoin resolve the taxation. That’s the game-changer for something we are focusing on, so cryptography needs a decentralized routine benchmark.

Early Crypto Pioneer Slams Elon Musk’s ‘hypocrisy’ On Bitcoin Payments

Do you know that one early crypto entrepreneur has made a big statement on Elon musk? Yes, he thinks that Elon musk did have moral consistency when it comes to bitcoin management. This crypto entrepreneur is the first physical cryptocurrency exchange founder, and he has slammed Elon Musk, the electric car company Tesla owner. This statement was said after the Tesla car company owner announced that Tesla will not accept the payment made via bitcoins.

You will be amazed to know that the charges of this cryptocurrency were increased because Elon musk is not going to accept the bitcoin payment. However, he still owns the $1.5 billion world of bitcoins in the balance sheet of the Tesla car company. If you always stay updated with the bitcoin news and information, you might also have heard that Elon Musk has criticized a lot about bitcoin’s energy consumption in his recent tweets. In this tweet, he announced that Tesla has stopped accepting bitcoin payments for purchasing the vehicle. This was a sudden U-turn of Musk, which came just after six weeks of his announcement of the Tesla company accepting bitcoin payments from the US customers.

According to the founder of the centre in New York City and the co-founder of Zap protocol, nick Spanos has said that the fact that tesla car company still owns the $ 1 billion worth of bitcoin signifies that Elon musk still wants to make a profit from it of what he says that is not good for the environment. He further said that he is challenging Elon musk that if bitcoin is too bad for him to accept as a means of payment for Tesla, it should be equally dirty for holding the bitcoin or for the profits for which every person is using it.

He also slammed Elon musk that if Elon musk was so concerned about the environment, he would have allowed the trade of bitcoin in return for the completely clean cars, which doesn’t affect the environment. In addition to it, Spanos also reminded the fact that a huge part of the bitcoin power consumption is very sustainable because of the reactivation and the construction of the hydroelectricity sources that are new. He says that this is all done for manipulating the price of bitcoin, and that’s all.

Rapper Soulja Boy Shows Further Interest in Cryptocurrencies

Chicago-born rapper, composer, record producer and actor on Twitter asked the crypto community the best way to buy digital assets in the United States. Being a prominent name, his question quickly came to the attention of the most famous people and companies in the industry with more than five million followers.

The rappers quickly got lure by promoting their ‘best class’ products, named after them such as Changpeng Zhao(Benance CEO) and Tyler Winklevoss (Gemini’s co-founder), together with the accounts of OKCoin,, and eToro.

While the musician promised to explore every platform, he took another direction – What does it mean for me to create my own cryptography? There followed further recommendations including Jordan Spence, CEO of MyCrypto, who pointed out that Soulja Boy was to consider building its unique and fungible token (NFT). However, the rapper ultimately admitted that he might have “so many questions” from his comfort zone. One of these was, “can some bad come from creating crypto?

The Twitter dialogue with the representatives of the cryptography was not the first industrial initiative of the rapper. Maybe it’s best known in the community for its 2018 single called Bitcoin, the primary cryptocurrency.

Soulja Boy explained vividly how he had a computer that made him “so fresh” as he pulled “new strangers,” and how he had a BTC purchased it. He also advised a woman without a name to leave her boring boyfriend because she stacked up the bitcoins that I received money to shed.”

It should be pointed out that Soulja Boy was not a Bitcoiner. He claimed that by adding ‘Litecoins, Bitcoins, my favourite,’ he had diversified his portfolio. In addition, the rapper might have anticipated events in the future. He said users could send BTC via PayPal, which was not possible at that time. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies were supported by the giant payment processor in late 2020.

DeAndre Cortez Way, better known as the Soulja Boy Tell’ Em stage name (or only Soulja Boy), started a Twitter talk, suggesting that he could explore the development of his own Digital Asset. Fairly speaking, the rapper in 2018 created a song about “stacks” and “100 racks” at BTC. In fact, he was devoted to Bitcoin. If you are also a fan of the boy then this one is a must listen to for you. Now the future of bitcoin is bright but the speculations for the same are also endless.

Why Is Bitcoin So Popular?

In this era wherein none is as important and precious as money, one of the most important factors which should be ideally kept in mind is to remember that there is always a need to have better investment options to have more income from investments. People try to explore different options and formalities using which they can increase their wealth. The human brain has mastered the art of growing with the changing times and develops an opportunity out of every single factor which has been available to them. The growing level of technology has been acting as a great stimulant in the present times. The needs and wants of the people have taken the form of tokens, and yes there has been an evolution of the cryptocurrency. This currency is available in digital form which is traded over the web and in a few exchanges. Therefore, it is important to read further about what this currency comprises of.

What are Bitcoins

One of the most important questions which appear in the mind of the people is what bitcoins are. It cannot be seen nor touched and yet it holds much significance. Therefore, for answering this question we need to rely on technology extensively. These bitcoins are tokens available in the form of cryptocurrency and they are usually traded online. They do not have any sort of physical existence and at the same time, their value is volatile. It can change its value in minutes. These tokens are highly subject to the market activities and many small amounts of changes in the functioning of the market can cause a huge gap in their valuations. Therefore, these bitcoins are very dangerous but if traded with caution they can promise the return which no form of fixed deposit and recurring deposit can give. Therefore, these bitcoins should be used very cautiously. They mainly function using blockchain technology.

Why are bitcoins becoming popular

There are many reasons as to why these bitcoins are becoming extremely important. They have gained a large amount of popularity in these years. Some of these reasons are as below:

  • They give a huge amount of return in the minimum time. 
  • They are very easy to trade in. 
  • There are hardly any sort of formalities involved in this trade 
  • They are prone to less risk if they are traded with caution. 
  • They are very much helpful in giving a larger return on investment 
  • They help to enhance the return in the minimum time. 


These are the reasons responsible for ensuring the bigger pushes towards the global market. These factors have helped the cryptocurrency in having a global presence. These provisions prohibit prior block changes so all subsequent blocks will be invalidated. Mining also generates a competitive lottery counterpart, which stops any individual from quickly inserting new blocks to the blockchain consecutively. This is not a way to regulate what is in the block chain or to replace the blockchain pieces to scale back their spending.

Need A Holiday? Crypto Firm’s New Partnership Could Save You Money

When the Covid pandemic finishes and detachment limitations are lifted, that will be a need for a large number of us: occasion reservations.

Be that as it may, here’s the issue: Many lodgings charge mind-boggling rates, some movement destinations go about as agents and add enormous commissions.

Electroneum has now declared that its advanced resources can be utilized as a payment technique on LockTrip, a site that permits voyagers to find mystery travel arrangements and set aside 60% extended get-away expenses.

The cryptographic money payments organization says it is continually searching for new uses for ETN, the digital currency utilized by a large number of individuals around the globe. Electroneum is, as of now, permitting ETN holders to charge power meters in this computerized cash and charge their cell phones.

 Why digital money?

As indicated by Electroneum, utilizing cryptographic money to book excursions could open up advantages that a significant number of us probably won’t consider.

To start with, there are inquiries regarding expenses that credit and check card suppliers charge. The stage asserts that ETN exchanges are a lot less expensive than Visa and Mastercard, which implies travelers have a bigger financial plan for seashore mixed drinks. Cryptographic forms of money can likewise assist buyers with evading punishments on trade rates while paying for orders named in fiat monetary standards other than their own.

By and large, digital currency payments can be made by examining a QR code. This can be more secure than entering credit or charge card subtleties physically. Some LockTrip clients even asserted that they had the option to ensure lodgings that were sold somewhere else.

 More data from the electron

Electroneum aims to be the first crypto administrator to work straightforwardly with LockTrip. ETN will currently be offered as an installment strategy close to different cryptographic forms of money, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum.

To give a solid illustration of how LockTrip looks at paper marks, the Electroneum group has done some exploration. They found that utilizing digital money rather than a charge card to book 14 evenings in an air terminal lodging would spare about $ 15 – and even better, the publicized cost per remain from LockTrip was $ 52 lower than and Skyscanner at checkout. Digital money and $ 38 less on the off chance that you pay by charge or Visa.


Some may consider how LockTrip has figured out how to bring to the table such serious limits, given the familiar aphorism that it’s anything but a free lunch. In any case, the motion stage is straightforward in its methodology – and says it works legitimately with significant providers to offer the best arrangements and is seeking after a natural development approach, instead of depending on costly showcasing financial plans.

The organization likewise permits customers and landowners to discuss legitimately with one another. Given how famous destinations like Airbnb and can order up to 30% commission from convenience suppliers, this methodology can furnish explorers with reserve funds while giving solid business returns.